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    Support Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Daily Lives

    The Act to Support Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Daily Lives sets the philosophy and framework of government support; the concrete measures and details will be determined by Cabinet orders and ministry ordinances.
    Those measures are supposed to reflect...  more
    led by Filia Ecclesia

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    Landslide Mit igat ion Action Plan

    WSDOT created the Landslide Mitigation Work Group and convened bi-weekly meetings over a nine-month period.

    The mission of the Work Group was to develop short- and long-term strategies to reduce landslide impacts and improve transportation reliability...  more
    led by Emily Rodda

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    Religious groups aid with recovery for hurricane victims

    Since Hurricane Matthew’s floodwaters have receded, faith-based organizations have flooded Robeson County, looking to lend a hand to those who have lost everything in the wake of the Oct. 8 storm.

    Our group is representing various religions and...  more
    led by David Axton

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    Wine industry leaders have formed a support network to provide immediate assistance and long-term aid to victims of the fires ravaging Northern California and are calling on the national wine community for additional help. Organized by a group of...  more
    led by Abram Tertz

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    Provide Lifesaving Relief to Drought Victims

    A severe drought in East Africa has inflicted wide scale crop failures and food insecurity throughout communities already struggling to survive, affecting more than 10 million people. Thousands of refugees, the majority from Somalia, are fleeing into...  more
    led by Aaron Wolfe

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    CLIVAR-GEWEX Drought Information Group (DIG)

    The WCRP Drought Interest Group (DIG) was formed as part of the WCRP Extremes crosscutting activity following a joint GEWEX-CLIVAR meeting in 2008.

    DIG aims to identify and leverage current drought research activities already underway within WCRP,...  more
    led by Kusti Franti

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    Aid groups shift focus to cyclone recovery

    Aid organisations are shifting from emergency relief to recovery activities in areas of Rakhine State affected by Cyclone Giri, one month after the storm caused serious damage to several townships in the area.

    U Tha Mya Kyaw, secretary of the Rakhine...  more
    led by Maria Jones

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    Emergency planning for chemical threats

    The objective of creating this group is :
    -- To review the present scenario of Chemical Disaster Vulnerability and Risk in different regions of India

    -- To evaluate the present level of Institutional and legal framework and identify the gaps and...  more
    led by Norman Kerman

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    Global Giving: Nepal, India, and Bangladesh Flood Relief

    In August 2017, monsoon-caused floods in southern Nepal, northern India, and Bangladesh killed over a hundred people.

    The project will provide emergency funding to international and locally driven relief efforts, providing food, medicine, and other...  more
    led by Pedro Araez

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    Fight against Terrorism

    Stopping terrorism requires tackling issues such as foreign fighters, border controls and cutting off funds. Learn about the EU’s counter terrorism policies.

    Security is a major concern for Europeans: the vast majority (80%) want the EU to do more to...  more
    led by Frank Kristopoulos

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    Hurricanes that hit US
    led by founder