Paris terror attack fake victim

by Juan Mitchell on September 1, 2021 - #Attack  #Terror  #Paris  #Fake 


  • Contractor's Company Name Helpers Team
  • Contractor's First Name Marklin
  • Contractor's Last Name Juan

Location of Fraud

  • City/Town/Village USA
  • State/Territory California [map]
  • County Uşak, Uşak Merkez/Uşak, Turkey
  • Country India

General Information

  • What type of work was the contractor performing General Contractor
  • Did the contractor have a local license? NO
  • Is there a District Attorney investigating the contractor? NO

A French woman has received a jail sentence after passing herself off as one of the victims of the 2015 Paris terror attacks for financial gain. Alexandra Damien, 33, is to serve six months in prison for fraud and perjury. She was found to have pocketed up to 20,000 euros ($23,180; £17,552) from funds set up for victims in the aftermath of the attacks. She is such a huge fraud.