Breach of Trust - False Water Supply Promises

by founder on September 1, 2021 - #False  #Promises  #Breach  #Trust 


  • Contractor's Company Name Life Reservoirs
  • Contractor's First Name John
  • Contractor's Last Name Mark

Location of Fraud

  • City/Town/Village Bihar
  • State/Territory Jharkhand [map]
  • Country India

General Information

  • What type of work was the contractor performing General Contractor
  • Did the contractor have a local license? NO
  • Is there a District Attorney investigating the contractor? NO

This is not a story about droughts in Bihar. This is a story about how an entire society has been corrupted by money meant to build water suppliers for the drought victims. A lesson that poor environmental management, especially one which emphasizes construction, leads to corruption which may be difficult to get rid of. 

Several Tanks for water supply are there but the drought-prone area in the state has only increased and so has the misery of the people.